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Medical Device & Diagnostics Client
Medical Device Industry

I am happy to report that we completed the project and now have working prototypes of the Slit Lamp Headrest.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners has a valuable associate in Inteprod. We have been extremely satisfied with their performance throughout the project and it has been a pleasure working with the Inteprod team. We now expect to move into production and are very appreciative of Ben Franklin for their assistance with the project.

President, N Vision Group

Diagnostic Device Client
Emerging Startup, Life Sciences

"I have worked with Inteprod on a number of projects. They have been instrumental in helping us from concept to launch on both manual type tests and instrumented systems. They have done very well in both time and material costs and have lived up to quality standards for medical devices and diagnostics. The Inteprod team, in my opinion, was very helpful in providing critiques and suggestions for product specifications. They were not simply 'yes' men, they became an integral part of our process. I highly recommend them."

CSTO, Redcoat Solutions

Medical Diagnostic Device Client
Emerging Startup, Medical Device Industry

"The people at Inteprod are great. They are very responsive and make us feel a priority."


Medical Diagnostic Device Client
Global Leader, Medical Device Industry

"I've used Inteprod for various Project Development and Manufacturing activities at my last two companies (BD and Bard). Consequently, I've been in R&D and medical device product development/manufacturing for 20 years and have used nearly all of the major contractors/ manufacturers around the country (i.e. Battelle, RELA, SMED, Flextronics, JABIL, etc.) throughout my career. Although Inteprod is smaller than most of these companies, their caliber of service is outstanding! I find them to be very focused on design for manufacturing and manufacturing efficiencies. They always strove to meet our agreed upon milestones and timelines.

"Inteprod was an excellent partner and was willing to challenge us to help make the manufacturing process better. They are a great resource and I recommend involving them in the design of the process because they have great insight on how to do things effectively and easily.

"Inteprod has a unique tenacity for meeting their deliverables. They work extremely hard and are very diligent and hold all team members accountable for meeting their commitments. They have been by far the best vendor that I've worked with in meeting their cost commitments. Through my interactions with them, they've even come up with creative ways to manage costs when we've changed things at the last minute.

"All members of the Team have a great knowledge of the Regulatory and Quality requirements associated with the products they manufacture. As a product developer for over 20 years, I've seen the systems of nearly all the companies mentioned above, and Inteprod is at the top of the list in regards to their understanding of the rules and regulations. They have systems in place to maintain Quality, and they have a tremendous desire to do what is in the best interest of the client and product when it comes to meeting Quality and Regulatory requirements.

"I've always found Inteprod to be an outstanding partner in the past, and whenever I have a need of some help in this area, they are always one of the first groups that I call."

Director of Program Management, R & D, BD

Medical Device Manufacturing Client
Emerging Startup, Life Sciences

"Inteprod is an outstanding medical and diagnostics device contract manufacturer. In addition to meeting difficult deadlines, Inteprod was quick to offer suggestions for improving the design and the manufacturing processes."

VP, R & D

Medical Diagnostic Device Client
Emerging Startup, Life Sciences

"Inteprod, the contract manufacturer of our product, has been an extremely valuable partner for us. They understand the complexities of medical device products and deliver high quality, value-added services that would be very inefficient and expensive for us to try to replicate on our own."


Medical Diagnostic Device Client
Global Leader, Medical Device Industry

"I've worked with Inteprod steadily since 2007. I have found them to be an outstanding contract design house and manufacturer for electromechanical devices. They have excellent engineers who work extremely hard and very efficiently. I've worked with numerous "Big Name" contract manufacturers and some smaller companies of this type, and I have found Inteprod to be one of the best, if not the best. Inteprod is at least 25% better technically than the other organizations, and their rates are about 25% cheaper. When you factor in those metrics, working with Inteprod provides outstanding service at bargain prices. Also, I'm continually impressed with their attention to budgets and timelines. They have excellent program management personnel and very strong communication skills. When we've run into technical problems, they work very collaboratively to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I've enjoyed working with them over the last several years. They are a dedicated team of engineers who understand product development.

"Inteprod sets a high standard of excellence and they have become the "yard stick" that I measure other electromechanical contract manufacturers against.

"Inteprod has very strong technical resources. They work extremely hard and take timelines and costs very seriously. It is refreshing to work with such a very competent organization that strives to adhere to their customer's project budgets, timelines, and quality objectives.

"...This is one of the best 'working' systems that I've ever worked on that functions this well at such an early stage in the product development lifecycle. It's been a great effort so far and the quality of the present product attests to that."

Senior Program Manager

Medical Device Manufacturing Client
Global Leader, Healthcare Technology

"Inteprod is great to work with! Their attention to detail and dedication to each project are second to none! I look forward to working to strengthen the relationship between both companies."

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

"As in the past, Inteprod has maintained 100% delivery accuracy with regard to our shipments. The volume has grown considerably of late and we are very satisfied with this performance."

Senior Inventory Analyst

"Inteprod is a great company to work with. Our experiences have been extremely positive. Their capability has helped make our organization and design stronger.

"We successfully passed our Gate 5 product release review on Wednesday. Yesterday, I conducted a quarterly status review with our Global Integration Steering Committee head. Much of the discussion revolved around our strategic manufacturing alliance with Inteprod. Your team has been a key factor in the product's development and release. Our whole team appreciates the contribution that Inteprod has made."

Executive Director

"Thanks to everyone once again. This is a clear demonstration of how much work that's been done to set up, maintain, and improve the operational processes for our product at Inteprod. I look forward to moving ahead with our next continue the great work we've done, and continue building our partnership."

"Getting ready to go to a closing meeting with members of International Plant...please pass along - Plant team was very impressed with Inteprod!!!"

Manager, Manufacturing Operations and Process Development

"I have greatly appreciated Inteprod's support in my current position in supporting customer's projects. I have also enjoyed the past experiences with Inteprod in transferring the product design from concept to manufacturing. This experience played heavily in my decision to accept the new position. I look forward to furthering our progress with the product, as well as getting involved in the next product and other upcoming projects."

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

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