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Environmental Health

Advancing Environmental Diagnostic Detection Technologies

The continual risk of contaminants and pathogens prevalent in our environment creates a vital need for faster and more advanced technologies that can rapidly and accurately detect and analyze the threats in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the areas we live in and visit.

At Inteprod, we understand the effects of environmental hazards and disasters, and recognize the urgent need for accurate and reliable diagnostic tools that will contribute to a safer environment. We are committed to helping advance innovative, new technologies and improve existing technologies that detect, identify, prevent and control environmental threats.

Inteprod's extensive diagnostic device design and manufacturing experience and value-added services contribute to the significant reduction of costs and the acceleration of new diagnostic products to market.

Contact Inteprod today to find out how we can help transition your technology from development to commercial production.

Inteprod has the experience and resources
required to transition advanced technologies
from development to full production.

Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • Lateral Flow Devices
  • Electrolysis Systems
  • Water Diagnostic Systems
  • Accelerated PCR Systems
  • Chemistry Integration
  • Consumables Manufacturing

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