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Contract Manufacturing

Finished Product Contract Manufacturing

At Inteprod, we know what it takes to consistently build robust, high quality products. We have extensive industry experience and a record of success in the development and manufacture of devices and diagnostic products. From technology transfer, design for manufacturing and quality assurance to supply chain management, complete product assembly, packaging and delivery to end user and post-production support, Inteprod has everything you need to manage every phase of your productís life cycle.

Transferring your technology requires a great deal of trust. At Inteprod, you can have absolute confidence that your intellectual property (IP) is safe and secure. Ownership of your intellectual property is never at question, and we will never attempt to lay claim to any derivatives of your IP.

No matter where you are in the development or manufacture of your product, Inteprodís team of experts incorporates design for manufacturing (DFM) practices to optimize the manufacturability, serviceability, maintainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your product from the beginning of the design life cycle to final assembly. Our proven ability to proactively address manufacturing issues early in the process results in improved product quality and reliability, reduced costs and faster time to market.

At Inteprod, our transfer to manufacturing processes ensure a seamless transition from the design and/or prototype stage to complete product assembly.

Controlling product quality and maintaining consistent quality standards are the top issues that keep device executives up at night. In medical manufacturing, Quality Assurance begins with document control. It is essential to have processes and procedures in place to control and maintain all documents. Full traceability must be maintained throughout a productís life cycle.

Inteprod is ISO 13485 certified and registered with the FDA as a Contract Manufacturer. We have a robust and proven Quality Management System and a consistent record of multiple audits with zero findings. These results are a reflection of our teamís experience, and underscore Inteprodís diligence and dedication to quality assurance and excellence.

At Inteprod, we actively manage supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities. We control and maintain product quality, and efficiently manage the flow of materials, utilization of staff and equipment, and the capacity of suppliers and our facility in order to meet customer requirements.

Inteprod provides complete product assembly and final system testing and packaging in our clean environment manufacturing facility. We control the materials and components that are used on our production lines from qualifying suppliers and alternate sourcing to procurement, scheduling, and inventory control. As an FDA registered facility, Inteprod can also ship your product directly to the end user.

Hiring the right Contract Manufacturer to help meet your goals, grow your company, and get your new or next generation products to market is not an easy process, and requires careful consideration and extensive due diligence.

At Inteprod, we know Quality matters. We make lifesaving and life changing medical and diagnostic devices, and we fully understand the complexities of medical devices and the importance of quality, reliability and excellence in medical manufacturing. Together we can move medical innovation forward and change lives worldwide.

Our contract manufacturing services include:

  • Technology Transfer
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Transfer to Manufacturing
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Device Master Record
  • Device History Record
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Complete Product Assembly
  • Final Test & Packaging
  • Ship to End User
  • Post-Production Support & Services
  • Product Refurbishment
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